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2020 CPI examination

20 November 2020 

This morning, a technical issue emerged in the delivery of the Certificate of Proficiency in Insolvency (CPI) examination. This issue was completely out of the IPA’s control.  

Usually the exams are held in physical locations, however due to the unpredictable nature of the pandemic response, we took the decision, in consultation with students and providers, to hold the exam online. It was felt that an online solution would mean that students would not be disadvantaged through unpredictable lockdown measures or isolation. This was undertaken in partnership with the Chartered Governance Institute (ICSA), who provided the online platform. 

This year, all students were notified in good time that the examination was to take place online, and they were provided with instructions, help and a testing link, so that they were prepared for the examination. 

Students were given access to testing, and a series of tests were undertaken to ensure that the system would work. However, an update by Google this week, on its Chrome browser, resulted in some students being unable to access the online CPI platform via the provided link. 

As soon as we became aware of the issue, the IPA immediately contacted the ICSA to ensure that they very quickly provided a solution to students, enabling them to take the examination on the same day and with less than an hour’s delay for the majority of students. Students were advised that they had not lost any of the time allowed for the examination, which would begin the moment they access the examination. Examiners will be informed and amelioration given for the distress caused to students affected by the temporary error.  

The IPA informed all training providers as soon as we were aware of the issue and kept them and students updated. 

We are aware of one student who, as a result of the delay brought on by the issue, was unable to take the examination this morning. It has been arranged that this student will sit the examination this afternoon.  The IPA has carried out a risk assessment and judged that there is next to no risk of the delay causing disadvantage or increasing the risk of unfairness. 

The IPA wholeheartedly apologises for any inconvenience, distress and any other difficulty caused to any students. We worked as quickly as possible to ensure that the online examination provider minimised disruption as soon as the technical issue came to light. While we did take steps to risk manage and carefully implement the technology solution, introducing a new system, at pace and in response to a global pandemic, has been challenging. We hope that plans put in place to rectify have mitigated this unfortunate incident’s impact.