Events update

One of the IPA’s biggest events of the year, the Personal Insolvency Conference, is back for 2020 as a special series of easy-to-access online lectures for both Insolvency Practitioners (IPs) and wider teams. Each lecture is an hour long.

Don’t miss out on up to 4 hours’ valuable CPD, debate, and discussion on hot topics on personal insolvency. As ever, the event will be interactive and you will have the opportunity to get involved and share your views through Q&As, live polling, and panel discussions.

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Volume Provider Regulation scheme

Wed 18 November    13:00-14:00

With Dylan Quail of Hanover Insolvency; David Rankin of Creditfix; Laura Prescott and Adam Horan of Jarvis; IPA Chief Inspector David Holland; and IPA Inspectors Kate Blakeway and Lisa O’Hara.

Covid-19 & the state of things to come

Thu 26 November    13:00-14:00   

with Professor David Milman, Lancaster University

Scams, fraud, & online marketing

Mon 7 December    13:00-14:00 

More details coming soon…

Creditors special

Wed 16 December    14:00-15:00

with Chris Leslie, Chief Executive, Credit Services Association and Former MP, Shadow Chancellor & UK Government Minister

Join one of two of our upcoming workshops

Delivered in partnership with ISS Training, this series of online training events is ideal for those operating in the consumer debt solution market or those who want to understand more about how it is regulated and the expectations of the industry’s principal regulator. 

With input from the IPA’s Chief Inspector and members of the inspection team, we will examine the concept of public interest regulation and how this should be translated in practice by IPs in their dealings with customers (and potential customers), to ensure that they are treated fairly. IVAs continue to be the debt solution of choice for the over-indebted individual. As the economy is hit hard by the global pandemic, there is an expectation that the numbers of people seeking assistance from insolvency practitioners will climb. The IPA regulates 70% of the UK IVA market and is leading the way in the development of the regulatory landscape.

We are running two of these workshops available to all:

Wednesday 25th November

Price: £ 120.00 + VAT
10:00-13:30 on Zoom
Limited spaces available

Thursday 3rd December

Price: £ 120.00 + VAT
10:00-13:30 on Zoom
Limited spaces available

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We are offering multiple workshops in order to maintain small group sizes and a high level of interactivity. Limited numbers of tickets are available. Attendees need only attend one workshop.

Workshop content:

  • What is meant by “the public interest”?
  • Regulatory objectives/direct sanctioning powers
  • Outline of Insolvency Service findings
  • Importance of perception
  • Media view
  • Inclusion within revised Ethics Code
  • Addition of “public interest” to the Code
  • Important changes for IVA providers
  • Increased emphasis on documentation
  • Employee IP provisions
  • NOCLAR reporting
  • Interaction with FCA requirements re: advertising
  • Complaints system at the IPA
  • Nature of complaints and themes
  • Planned further revision
  • Interpretation of requirements into working practices:
    • Meetings
    • Fee explanations
    • I&E accuracy
    • Treatment of equity in property.
  • Discussing options and alternatives
  • Documenting consideration
  • The debtor’s “preferred option”
    • Consideration of personal choice and the need for that choice to be fully informed
  • Making debtor-appropriate adjustments
  • Protocol/FCA requirements
  • Covid-19 driven amendments to protocol
  • Staff awareness and wellbeing
  • Incorporating vulnerability awareness into working practices

IPA partners with ISS for reduced cost AML training

Anti-Money Laundering (AML) training is now a statutory requirement, and your Recognised Professional Body (RPB) will likely be your Supervisory Authority under the 2017 Money Laundering Regulations. Indicators used to assess your AML risk will consist of a number of factors, including training provided to staff, and as part of your inspection visits, your monitor will require sight of your risk assessment and training records. Meet your staff training obligation with the following modules…

IPA members will receive 10% off with the code IPA10.

Insolvency-focused Anti Money Laundering training – 10% off for IPA members

Manage insolvency practice compliance risks cost-effectively, meet your training obligations and protect your firm’s reputation with our new Compliance Awareness Online Learning course. Required awareness levels of these key issues will vary within a practice, depending on the nature of team members’ roles and their relative responsibilities. However, it is important that all team members have a good grasp of the basics and can flag issues with their managers as they arise.

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CPD learning outcomes

Tailored specifically for insolvency teams, this course will enable your team members to:

• Grasp the key legal, regulatory and business issues related to AML

• Understand the relevance of AML and its impact on their day-to-day role

• Identify and flag concerns when they arise

• Get practical tips they can apply

• Learn at a time that suits them and your business

• Reinforce their learning with multiple-choice knowledge checks

Who should attend

This course is specifically designed for people working in the insolvency profession and provides grounding in the legal and regulatory provisions, and practical tips on their application to insolvency work. Understanding how an area impacts on day-to-day roles is key to managing the risks, and it is far more interesting for participants when the learning is directly relevant to them.


The base price for each module is £75+VAT per member, with IPA members receiving 10% off with the code IPA10.