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Joining the IPA can be the first step in your insolvency career, a way to network with the profession, or a route to more involvement in how the professional is regulated or represented. Make your application today.

Which membership is right for you?

Membership Categories

For those who are working in insolvency practice

  • Ordinary (MIPA) 
  • Fellow (FIPA) for those who have been an Ordinary Member of the IPA for at least five years
  • Retired (MIPA or FIPA or AIPA) or who have retired from insolvency practice or insolvency related work

Honorary Membership

For individuals deemed suitable and appropriate by the Board.

Affiliate Membership (AIPA)

For those who have passed the CPI or CPPI, and have passed the JIE, or are working in insolvency related fields, or who have made a contribution to the knowledge and practice of insolvency.

Student Membership

Open to anyone, whether looking to enter or to advance their career in insolvency practice or related business, financial, accounting or legal fields; or just interested in knowing more about insolvency.

Member Firms

For partnerships, incorporated bodies or sole proprietorships engaged in insolvency practice.

Affiliate Firm Membership

For partnerships, incorporated bodies, sole proprietorships, bodies of persons (including barristers’ chambers) and registered charities engaged in insolvency related work.

Application forms and qualifying criteria

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