Five minutes with… Harjeet Kalsi, Regulation Officer at the IPA

How long have you worked at the IPA? 

I initially joined the IPA as a Regulation Officer in January 2016 on a contract basis, which I thought would only last for 6 weeks. My contract ended after 11 months, and I was asked to return in June 2017. I then became a permanent member of the team in May 2018. So I have been working as part of the IPA overall for about 3 years.

What does your role entail? 

As a Regulation Officer, I work in the Regulation team managing a portfolio of complaint cases, and in doing so, assessing whether there are matters for formal investigation or if the matter is to be rejected if no potential misconduct is evidenced. I also deal with Bond Claims by notifying the surety of receipt of claims against member bonds, liaising between the claimant and surety regarding settlement and approving the assignment of bond settlements to the successor practitioner.

What has been your highlight? 

Since being at the IPA, in such a short space of time I have had a number of highlights. The first is working and being part of an incredible team. It’s been amazing how the whole team has pulled together since the Covid-19 pandemic and how we have adapted to working from home and helping each other through this difficult time.

I have been given the opportunity to deal with variety of complaints, personal and corporate, some of which have been complex and challenging. Another highlight is being a part of a number of projects at the IPA outside of my role as a Regulation Officer, such as being involved with various IT projects within the office. I completed the December 2018 IPA newsletter within 24 hours, having never used the software before, and I have been involved in ad hoc projects with the Regulation team and the office in general. I believe myself to now be an all-rounder and team player.