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Student Member

Apply to be a student member

If you wish to study for the IPA’s Certificate of Proficiency in Insolvency Examination (CPI) or the Recognised Professional Bodies’ Joint Insolvency Examination (JIE) you can apply here.


Your Experience and Qualifications

There are no specific experience or qualification requirements for a Student Member.

Which Examination?

  • Please specify in the form which examination you envisage sitting:
    • The CPI is held twice a year in June and December,
    • The CPPI is held in June,
    • The CPCI is held once a year in June (subject to numbers)
    • The JIE is held once a year in November
  • Following your admission to student membership, we will send you an entry form for the appropriate exam.
  • The closing date for application will be shown on the form as well as on the IPA website.

Your Sponsor

Your application should be supported by a sponsor who may be a licensed insolvency practitioner; your employer; or some other person of standing able to vouch for your good character and suitability to become a Student Member of the IPA.

The sponsors should provide a letter on letter headed paper addressed to the President of the IPA setting out:

  1. His/her full name, address, telephone and e-mail
  2. His/her job title/position and any qualifications, honours, decorations
  3. The capacity in which he/she has known you, and for how long
  4. His/her view of your character and suitability to be a Student Member of the IPA

Student Membership Fee

Should your Membership not be accepted by the IPA, then we will refund the fee in full.

Examination Fees will be shown on the examination entry form.
Should you need an indication of when the examination entry form will be available, the examination venues and the likely examination fee, please contact us at: 0330 122 5237 or [email protected]

IPA student Membership £155
R3 membership (optional) £85