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IPA Membership Categories

Individual Membership

for those who are working in insolvency practice

Honorary Membership

for individuals deemed suitable and appropriate by the Board [click here for criteria]

Affiliate Membership (AIPA)

for those who have passed the CPI or are working in insolvency related fields or who have made a significant contribution to the knowledge and practice of insolvency [click here for criteria]

Student Membership

open to anyone, whether looking to enter, or to advance their career in, insolvency practice or related business, financial, accounting or legal fields; or just interested in knowing more about insolvency [click here for criteria] 

Member Firms

for partnerships, incorporated bodies or sole proprietorships engaged in insolvency practice [click here for criteria]

Affiliate Firm Membership

for partnerships, incorporated bodies, sole proprietorships, bodies of persons (including barristers’ chambers) and registered charities engaged in insolvency related work [click here for criteria]