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How we work & who we are


The IPA’s five committees are one of the key ways in which the IPA manages regulatory and policy activity. Committee members are comprised of our members, subject matter and legal experts, and lay member volunteers.

  • Committees are established by the Board. Committee chairmen and members are appointed annually by the Board: they are not subject to any fixed term of appointment, but usually serve for a period of three-six years. Student members are eligible to be appointed to a Committee other than the regulatory Committees. If you are interested in becoming a Board or Committee member, please contact [email protected]
  • The current Committees are: Standards, Ethics and Regulatory Liaison (SERL), Regulation and Conduct Committee, Disciplinary and Appeals Committee, Finance and Risk Committee and External Affairs and Member Services (EA&MS) Committee.
  • Committees meet from time to time during the year – the regulatory committees meet around 10 times a year; other committees typically meet on a quarterly basis, or as and when required.
  • For further details of the Committees, or to apply to be a member, email [email protected] 

Below are details on each Committee and what it does.

Standards, Ethics and Regulatory Liaison

Responsible for:

  • Considering responses to consultations on insolvency statute and best practice
  • Discussing technical issues and drafting guidance for the membership
  • Determining the IPA’s contribution to the Joint Insolvency Committee
Committee Members
Simon Underwood, ChairChris De La Salle Edward BibleKen MarlandAnna Hughes 
Beverley  BudsworthClare Lindley  Eileen MacleanMark SiddallMaurice Moses
Charles TurnerDavid RankinHemal MistrySamantha Warburton Duncan Swift

Regulation and Conduct Committee

Responsible for:

  • Considering any matter Secretariat identifies as requiring Committee attention relating to the fitness of licensed IPs or liability to disciplinary action
  • Considering applications for authorisation
  • Licence restriction/withdrawal proceedings and invite disciplinary sanctions by consent, including reprimands and fines

Importantly, this Committee has a lay majority for decision-making.

Committee Members
John Newgas, Co-Chair (Lay)   Chris Gray/Martin Tossell (Lay)Helen Kavanagh (Lay)    Katy Walker        Pauline Peel
Neil Bennett, Co-Chair Diane Dunion Taranjeet Babra (Lay)         Michael Leeds Peter Hart
Frances Coulson, Vice Chair (Lay)      John Briggs (Lay)    John Boulter Mike Norris (Lay)Paul Allen
Brett Barton Heather Greig-Smith (Lay)Julian Healey (Lay) 

Regulatory and Conduct rules can be found as follows:

Conduct Rules

Regulatory Rules

Disciplinary and Appeals Committees

Responsible for:

  • Carrying out functions of Disciplinary and Appellate Committees Appeal Tribunals, hear appeals against findings or orders of a Disciplinary Tribunal and decisions to restrict/withdraw licenses; and may affirm, vary or rescind them
  • Disciplinary Tribunals considers complaints referred to it by the Investigation Committee it has the power to exclude members, revoke licenses as well as issuing sanctions
Committee Members:
Richard Long, Co-Chair DC (OM)    Edward Bible (OM)Nick Pike (OM)Dr Stephen Baister (L)  
Richard Mawrey, Co-Chair AC (L)          Gill Wrigley (OM)Nick Wood (OM)Stuart Hopewell (L)
Raquel Agnello QC (L)Helen Smithson (OM)             Philip Long (OM)Charles Turner (OM)
David Pilling (L)John Thirlwell (L)Laurence Pagden (OM)
Ann Nilsson (OM)
Patrick Brazzil (OM)   Peter Susman (L) Eileen Maclean (OM)
Angus Withington (L) Howard Smith (OM)

L = Lay Committee Member            OM = Ordinary Committee Member

Disciplinary and Appeal rules can be found as follows:

Appeal Rules

Disciplinary Rules

Finance and Risk

Responsible for:

  • Preparing annual budgets and making recommendations to Council on subscriptions and fees
  • Monitoring in-year spending and submitting for approval to Council the IPA’s Annual Accounts
  • Monitoring financial risk relating to IPA activity
Committee Members
Paul Davis, ChairColin Wiseman                Kevin Hellard                     Samantha Keen
Amanda Wade, Vice Chair        Hanh Nguyen    Maureen Leslie         Sean Croston 
Carrie JamesJoel GoschalkRussel Payne Simon Baggs

External Affairs and Member Services

Responsible for:

  • Contents for events, social events training for members and articles for the newsletter 
  • Regulations relating to students 
  • Training for students and other members
  • Arrangment of CPI suite of exams and liason with JIE
  • Parliamentary representation 

Dedicated working subgroups can be created from the committee as and when required to consider specific matters such as Annual Conference/Personal Insolvency Conference. 

Committee Members
 Joseph Colley, ChairBarry MochanPauline PeelSimon Carvill-Biggs
Kevin HellardCarrie-Ann JamesNatasha Brodie
Antoinette ThorpeMyles JacobsonSamantha O’Hara
Examinations sub-committee
Lloyd Hinton, ChairDeborah PywowarczukKaryn Jones  
Nicholas Myers, Chief ExaminerHemal MistryLucy Law 
Anna HughesJenny GatleyRachel Lai 

Become a Committee member

The IPA is always keen to hear from prospective Committee members. Please get in touch through [email protected] if you are interested in applying. All Committee members are offered training.

The Board

  • The Board is responsible for the management of the IPA, including determining policy and strategy, and setting business and financial plans and programmes. It also approves the IPA’s Annual Report and Accounts, subscriptions and authorisation fees, and applications for membership; and it appoints Committees through which the detailed work of developing and putting forward proposals and implementing its decisions is undertaken. The Board usually meets four to six times a year.
  • The Board consists of 16 members elected by individual members. The Board may also co-opt up to four further members. Board members have to be individual ordinary or fellow members of good standing.
  • Board members are elected at an Annual General Meeting. Each year one-quarter are retired by rotation, but may be re-elected for one further term. Co-opted members serve for a term determined by the Board up to four years.
  • The President, Vice-President and Deputy Vice-President are chosen by the Board from its elected Board members. The President serves for one year.
  • The Board works in partnership with the Secretariat to manage the day to day running of the IPA. The Secretariat is led by the Chief Executive Officer and the Senior Management Team.

IPA President, 2020/21

Kevin Hellard

Kevin is the practice leader of his insolvency practice, Grant Thornton. He has more than 25 years’ experience of contentious insolvency and investigating fraud, misfeasance, professional negligence and asset tracing across multiple jurisdictions. Kevin’s team specialises in the use of insolvency and court-appointed receiverships as a tool in the identification and construction of claims against directors, advisers and others.

Kevin has been appointed both in the UK and globally over structures that have suffered losses caused by corruption, fraud or malpractice, and has given evidence in court on numerous occasions as officeholder of companies that are the victims of fraud. In addition to this, he has presented internationally on corruption and asset tracing, and has a number of articles published on these subjects.


IPA Vice-President, 2020/21

Samantha Keen

Samantha leads EY Global Legal Entity Rationalization and is the EY UK&I Transaction Advisory Services COO. She has worked in the restructuring arena for more than 25 years. Over the past 10 years, she has focused solely on providing solvent restructuring approaches to meet clients’ needs. 

She has led the project management and assisted in the implementation of legal entity rationalization schemes for numerous quoted and private entities located in both the UK and overseas and has particular experience with Japanese, European and US controlled groups. In providing complex and flexible approaches, Samantha helps clients release value through streamlining corporate structures and eliminating non-core or underperforming businesses. 

Samantha earned a bachelor’s degree (Honours) in Biological Sciences from the University of Exeter. She is a Chartered Accountant, Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales and a licensed Insolvency Practitioner.


IPA Deputy Vice-President, 2020/21

Paul Davis

Paul is a senior partner at MHA MacIntyre Hudson. He has more than 35 years of experience in both corporate and personal insolvency work, and has carried out many solvent liquidations, including financial and monitoring, pre-lending, general business and solvency reviews, of a wide range of businesses. He promotes turnaround and business rescue, and advises on restructuring and sale of businesses.

His specialisms include: construction, manufacturing, retail, leisure, engineering, professional services, health, asset tracing, travel and tourism, and property. Paul is a Chartered Accountant, Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales and a licensed Insolvency Practitioner.


IPA Immediate Past President, 2020/21

Carrie-Ann James

Carrie James is the lead Director at Benedict Mackenzie and mlm Solutions.  With over 20 years’ experience working in both large and small practices, she enjoys working with the variety of stakeholders to find the best solutions for all. Prior to joining Benedict Mackenzie, Carrie founded and established her own boutique Insolvency Practice. Recent successes include the sale of an automotive group to a third party which has resulted in the preservation of 40 jobs over three sites and the mitigation of the leasehold costs and employee claims. This will lead to a substantial return to creditors. Carrie has worked on complex bankruptcy cases dealing with the discovery and recovery of assets in both the UK and Europe, co-ordinating with and working alongside English and European professionals. 

Carrie embraces modern working practices and technology in the Insolvency Profession to deliver an agile practice with teams in the UK and India. She is particularly proud of the development of the team and training framework in their Indian office.   

A fellow of the IPA since 2014 and committed to being part of an ever-changing profession that it remains fit for purpose. She is keen to embrace regulatory change at pace to ensure the IPA continues to deliver the high level of regulation it has achieved to date. 

Outside of her professional life Carrie has a keen interest in live music and frequently attends concerts. She also loves to cook Asian food and cakes. She has a son who shares her love of cooking.  

Previous Past Presidents

Board Members

Kevin HellardPresidentGrant Thornton UK LLP
Samantha KeenVice PresidentEY
Paul DavisDeputy Vice PresidentMHA MacIntyre Hudson
Carrie JamesImmediate Past PresidentBenedict Mackenzie Recovery Ltd t/a Benedict Mackenzie
Joel GoschalkJohn Newgas/Neil Bennett 
Derek HyslopSimon Underwood 
Sean CrostonJoe Colley 
Caroline Clark  
Hayley Maddison  
Louise Brittain  
Maurice Moses  
Yin Lee  

Committee Chairs

John Newgas/Neil BennettRegulation and Conduct
Paul Davis  Finance and Risk
Joe ColleyExternal Affairs and Member Services
Simon UnderwoodStandards, Ethics and Regulatory Liason

IPA Senior Management

Michelle Thorp
Michelle joined the IPA from the Civil Service where she was Digital, Data and Technology Director at the Department for International Trade and a major project leader for the Cabinet Office, specialising in strategic organisational change. 

Michelle has almost twenty years’ experience dealing with departments at the most senior levels of government, which will be invaluable given the IPA’s role in developing the regulatory framework under which all Insolvency Practitioners (IPs) operate.

As CEO, Michelle is responsible for the strategic direction of the IPA, liaises with the Board to help achieve member aims and ensure the IPA is achieving the IPA’s responsibilities as a Recognised Professional Body for Insolvency Regulations and as a Professional Body Supervisor under Anti-Money Laundering Regulations.

Michelle enjoys restaurants, cooking and travelling.

Lyn Green
Head of Operations and Chief Regulatory OfficerIPA
Lyn is the Head of Operations and is responsible for the throughput of IPA regulatory activity, including complaints and monitoring inspection visits, and the applicable IPA regulatory committee for decision making. Lyn is also line manager for the senior regulation and monitoring staff in addition to day to day secretarial responsibility for the regulatory committees and IPA Board functions.

Lyn enjoys travelling and has 4 dogs who keep her busy.

Samar Yanni
Head of External Affairs and Member ServicesIPA 
Samar is Head of External Affairs and Member Services. She focuses on developing our brand, PR, identifying new opportunities and partnerships, and expanding and marketing new products and services, including our events and training offerings.

She has over 20 years of marketing and branding experience. She had previously worked for various financial organisations and international advertising agencies, mainly focusing on brand development, marketing, positioning, communication and promotion.

In addition to being multilingual, Samar has extensive experience in lecturing and developing training programmes for various universities.

She enjoys travelling and discovering new cultures.

David Holland 
Senior Monitoring ManagerIPA 
David is the Senior Monitoring Manager at the IPA. He has oversight and management of the inspection team, ensuring adherence to policies and procedures of the IPA and in making sure that the regulatory objectives are met via onsite monitoring visits.  David is the IPA’s Money Laundering Reporting Officer (MLRO) and heads up the IPA’s responsibility as an Anti-money Laundering Supervisor. He is the IPA’s representative at Accountants Affinity Group and Anti-money Laundering Supervisors Forum.  

David is a qualified Insolvency Practitioner and has worked at the IPA for seven years.  Prior to this he worked at Grant Thornton for five years, in Bristol, on corporate insolvency and spent seven years at KPMG dealing primarily with court work appointments.  David’s sporting achievements on the local cricket and hockey pitches are largely behind him and he can only occasionally be seen coaching and playing hockey for his home side. He now has an enforced interest in regular dog walking and a mis-selling claim against his two daughters.   

Sarah Munroe
Finance and Operations ManagerIPA 
Sarah oversees all finance related matters as well as being the point of contact for any IT, HR and general office issues. With over 10 years experience as a qualified accountant, Sarah has been with the IPA for over almost two years and has experience working in television, online media and magazines.

Sarah has three young children and enjoys spending time with her children as well as socialising with friends.