Meet a Committee member: Frances Coulson, member of the Regulation and Conduct Committee

What is your career background? 

Slightly unusual in that, after King’s College London and Chester College of Law, I trained with Moon Beever and am still here 35 years later. I got into insolvency like everyone else – slightly accidentally. This is largely perhaps because I qualified in 1986, a good year for the insolvency profession! I have so far thoroughly enjoyed the practice area, which has everything – from tackling rogues and helping victims, to rescuing businesses and jobs. An extraordinary variety of sectors and entities add to the mix. There is never a dull day.

How did you join the Regulation and Conduct Committee? 

I had previously been Chairman of Appeals at ACCA, and once my 10-year stint had been completed, I wanted another regulatory role in the insolvency area. I was pleased to be invited and to participate with a good Committee. It is rewarding to continue to meet different stakeholders in the profession and surrounding it, and take on board the experiences of others as well as contribute a voice.

What is the value to you of being on this Committee? 

It is important to contribute to the reputation and ethics of the profession you are involved in and, as a lay member, to bring some wider perspective. I am keen to maintain the standards of the legal and insolvency professions, which are things we should hold very dear.

If you weren’t Senior & Managing Partner, Head of Litigation & Insolvency at Moon Beever, what would you be doing? 

Not resting I would think. I am rather hyperactive so something with challenges and variety, and to keep me busy, but also outdoors – in my braver self, an eventer (horses).