The scheme originated in 1999 with the sole objective of accrediting professionals who carry out fixed charge or Law of Property Act receivership work, in order to offer reassurance on the standard of that work to those making such appointments, creditors and the wider public.

Membership of the Scheme is voluntary, and can only be achieved by those who have proven they have the required skills, knowledge and experience to meet the expected standards. In addition, members are subject to an ongoing risk-based monitoring regime and continuing professional development requirements.

Only Scheme members are entitled to use the designation Registered Property Receiver (RPR).‚Äč

There are currently around 116 RPRs registered in the Scheme.  Indications are that a number of leading banks will now only consider appointing those who are Registered Property Receivers. Current members of the Scheme are registered on this website, to ensure that lenders have ready access to and up-to-date information about competent and experienced professionals.