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Affiliate Member

An applicant for Affiliate Membership should usually:

  • Have passed the CPI or CPPI and at least one of the papers of the Joint Insolvency Examination (JIE); or
  • Have 2 years’ experience in an insolvency-related field (legal, financial, insurance, creditor groups); or
  • Have made a contribution to the knowledge and practice of insolvency.

Your Experience and Qualifications

If you have passed the CPI, CPPI or the JIE, there are no experience or other qualification requirements to become an Affiliate Member; but the information requested will nevertheless be helpful to us to know something about your background. If you are applying on the basis of insolvency related work experience, this should be confirmed by your employer(s). If your application is on a contribution basis, your experience and qualifications will be helpful to us in considering it.

Your Sponsor

Your application should be supported by a sponsor, who should be a professional in insolvency or a related field.

Your sponsor should provide a letter addressed to the President of the IPA (not “to whom it may concern”) setting out:

  • his/her full name, address, telephone and e-mail;
  • his/her job title/position and any qualifications, honours and decorations;
  • the capacity in which he/she has known you, and for how long; and
  • his/her view of your character and suitability to be an Affiliate Member of the IPA.

Your Suitability

The IPA may make further and other enquiries of third parties as it considers appropriate to satisfy itself as to your suitability to be an Affiliate Member.

If you do not meet the criteria, your application, background and experience will still be considered.

Membership Fee

Should your membership not be accepted by the Association, we will refund the fee in full.

New Members: Entrance Fee £160
Affiliate Membership (employed by a Firm Member) £285
Affiliate Membership (employed by a Non-Firm Member) £345
TOTAL (Member Firm) £445
TOTAL (Non-Member Firm) £505