Warning: www.changesindebt.co.uk and www.changehelpline.co.uk

Two websites, www.changesindebt.co.uk and www.changehelpline.co.uk are featuring as a paid ‘Ad’ in Google search results for help with debt and appear to be falsely offering debt advice services without the appropriate permissions. The websites claim to either be regulated by the Insolvency Practitioners Association (IPA) or have Insolvency Practitioners regulated by the IPA. Neither is true.

The IPA does not regulate anyone linked with these two websites, and the advertiser (Sunstone Finance 2022) Ltd is not a licenced Insolvency Practitioner firm. The IPA has begun taking action against the websites to remove their false references to the IPA.

Anyone seeking debt advice should not use these websites and should seek a properly authorised and regulated Insolvency Practitioner. Anyone struggling with debts is encouraged to visit the IPA website which includes debt guides and links to organisations such as Money Helper which can assist with getting debt help and understanding the different ways to pay off debts.