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Five minutes with… Lisa O’ Hara, Inspector at the IPA

How long have you worked at the IPA?

I joined the IPA in February 2019 as one of two new Inspectors. Prior to joining the IPA, I had been in the insolvency profession for some 20 years, both at small and large national practices, latterly running my own boutique practice alongside my Insolvency Practitioner husband. I had always envisaged becoming an Inspector at some point in my career, and the opportunity came along at the perfect time.

Upon joining the IPA, I learnt that I would be working on the IPA’s then newly formed Volume Provider Regulation (VPR) Scheme. It was exciting to be involved in something new, and I was keen to apply my experience and skill set to help develop and progress the Scheme.

What does your role entail?

My role has evolved greatly since I joined. The Scheme provides for the continuous monitoring of the volume IVA and PTD market, so there is plenty of activity. No two days are the same, and my role involves so much more than inspection visits.

What has been your highlight?

I am really proud of the Scheme and how it has evolved over the last two years, so I would say that is my highlight. It can be challenging at times, however we are a great team and I really enjoy working with my colleagues. I am looking forward to being involved in the Scheme’s continued progression and making a positive impact on a marketplace that is in the spotlight.