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IPA Past Presidents and Chairmen

IPA Past Presidents

Carrie-Ann James2019/20
Lloyd Hinton2018/19
Ruth Duncan2017/18
Maureen Leslie2016/17
Mark Sands2015/16
Mark Fry2014/15
Charles H Turner2013/14
C Edward Bible2012/13
Patrick J Brazzill2011/12
Carl D Faulds2010/11
Frank A Simms2009/10
Jonathan M Birch2008/09
Simon J Underwood2007/08
Finbarr T O’Connell2006/07
M Louise Verrill2005/06
Maurice Moses2004/05
Richard W J Long2003/04
Colin M T Haig2002/03
Keith D Goodman2001/02
Anthony P M Benedict2000/01
Colin G Bird1999/00
Kenneth A Ross1998/99
David R F Sapte1997/98
John C M Bishop1996/97
Anthony P Supperstone1995/96
Malcolm J London1994/95
Patrick W J Hartigan1993/94
Roger Smith1992/93
Ian D B Bond1990/91/92
Stephen J L Adamson1989/90
Peter Phillips1988/89
Maurice C Withall1987/88
John S H Gillies1986/87
William F Ratford1985/86
Roy E Adkins1984/85
Patrick Granville White1983/84
Bernard Phillips1982/83
George A Auger1981/82
Stanley D Samwell1980/81
Michael G V Radford1979/80
Douglas Corkish1978/79
Norman H Russell1977/78

IPA Past Chairmen

Maurice E Bulley1976/77
Harry M Arthur1975/76
Richard C Turton1974/75
Oliver Sunderland1973/74
Frank W Taylor1972/73
Bernard Phillips1971/72
Norman A Armstrong1970/71
George A Wale1969/70
Walter Matthewson1968/69
Gerry A Weiss1967/68
Charles A Huntington1966/67
O. Gordon Sunderland1965/66
Percy Cardwell1964/65
Frank H Shaw1963/64
Percy Phillips1962/63
Arthur T Eaves1961/62