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Exam Dates and Application Forms

Exam Entry Application Forms

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 situation, the exam on 20 November 2020 will take place online. The deadline for exam entry forms has been extended from the 1 September 2020 to the 4 September .More information about the online process will be available shortly.

From June 2020, students will be allowed an extra 15 minutes’ reading time.

Application form for the Certificate of Proficiency in Insolvency exam (CPI/CPPI) – November 2020

Guidance Note

Although it is not essential, the IPA does recommend that all students who wish to sit one of the suite of exams have two years practical insolvency experience covering the areas to be examined, and have also attended a structured training course with one of the training organisations.

Requests for special circumstances must be submitted two weeks prior to the exam application deadline.


2020 Examination dates

Please note you will need to be an IPA student member in order to sit these examinations. 


2020 Exam Fees

CPI £420
Appeal £190