Why Train with the IPA?

The IPA is the UK’s sole financial services regulator dedicated to insolvency and the largest insolvency regulator by market coverage.

We are specialists that are here to support you with our experience, expert knowledge and insight as you train to become an insolvency professional. We prepare you for the Joint Insolvency Examination (JIE) with our world-leading Certificate of Proficiency in Insolvency (CPI) examination, as well as offering a further examination specialising in personal insolvency. We run a wide range of educational events with highly respected content, possess an enviable range of talent amongst our membership and provide abundant networking opportunities with distinguished experts in the profession.

Once qualified, you have the opportunity to engage with the IPA at a strategy and policy level via membership of one or more of our Committees (with potential to shape the future of the insolvency profession), as well as the prestige of IPA designation after your name (available after completion of the CPI).

Not your average 9 to 5

We’re with you every step of the way as you train, and beyond – not to mention the excellent job prospects that qualification provides you with, as you launch into an excellent career path. As an Insolvency Practitioner, acting as a lawyer, accountant, advisor and deal maker all in one, you could find yourself at the forefront of various high-profile insolvency scenarios with the ability to protect businesses and jobs.

You will be part of a close-knit, supportive community throughout your career, and with multiple different insolvency procedures, firms of a wide range of sizes and the possibility of establishing your own insolvency practice, the life of an Insolvency Practitioner is full of exciting possibilities.  

People come to insolvency from many different backgrounds. The profession depends on talented people from all walks of life, and you don’t necessarily need a university degree to study with us and qualify via the JIE.

Ready to do something different? Become part of the IPA community and put yourself in a highly favourable position to advance your insolvency career.

Examinations: Leading the way

Back in 1995, we introduced the CPI examination, which is one of the most respected qualifications in insolvency. It is recognised as a principal route to qualification as an Insolvency Practitioner through successful completion of the JIE.

The CPI tests candidates on general insolvency procedures, also covering topics in both personal and corporate insolvency.

The IPA developed the Certificate of Proficiency in Personal Insolvency (CPPI) examination to test candidates in greater detail in personal insolvency.

Our examinations are open to anyone who wishes to take them, as part of our drive to widen access to insolvency knowledge.

Over 2,500 people have sat IPA examinations since they were introduced.

Other benefits of studying with the IPA

Benefit from substantial discounts on the IPA’s distinguished calendar of events, which are designed to deliver excellent knowledge and understanding of industry best practice.

You can obtain help with your career structure through our dedicated students group and mentoring programmes, receive training on insolvency and Anti-Money Laundering legislation, attend events dedicated for students and also get nominated for IPA awards.

You can also claim a student discount card, giving you over 250 discounts at UK retailers.

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Student membership is open to anyone, whether you are looking to enter, or advance your career in, insolvency practice or related business, financial, accounting or legal fields, or just interested in knowing more about insolvency. Use the membership application form menu to locate the appropriate form for you.

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We look forward to welcoming you aboard and wish you every success in your studies!