IPA update

I am announcing today that Michelle Thorp will be leaving the IPA as CEO for pastures new. Michelle has been offered a great opportunity that she feels she can’t turn down, and whilst we are extremely disappointed to be losing Michelle, we very much understand her decision. We are very grateful for all the hard work that Michelle has contributed to the IPA and wish her the greatest of success in her new role. Michelle will be leaving to be Transformation Director at the Metropolitan Police. I have greatly enjoyed working with Michelle. Under her leadership, the team has modernised the IPA’s processes and put us on a more sustainable, modern footing. I, along with the IPA Board, and on behalf of the membership, am very grateful for her hard work and wish her all the very best for the future.

In order to ensure a successful transition, the Office Holders of the IPA are talking to candidates about taking over from Michelle on an interim basis. Part of the interim-CEO’s role will be to ensure that there is a structured handover, before Michelle leaves in mid-July, and to play an integral part in identifying a permanent replacement CEO. 

Michelle Thorp said: “I am extremely sad to be leaving the IPA. I have very much enjoyed meeting people in the Profession and hope, through the team, we have helped put the IPA on the right footing for a very successful future. I am particularly proud of the team’s work to improve efficiency, modernise our processes, and in the absence of a legislative change, respond to the challenge for a different form of regulation for the providers of IVAs at volume. I am especially grateful to the team, the many volunteers on our Committees, and to our fabulous Board and the three brilliant Presidents I have had the honour of serving under: Lloyd Hinton, Carrie James, and of course, Kevin Hellard. I couldn’t have achieved anything without their support and very hard work. I look forward to staying in touch with everyone”.

I will write again shortly with news of the identified interim-CEO. 

Kevin Hellard

President, Insolvency Practitioners Association