Meet a Committee member: Simon Baggs, member of the Finance and Risk Committee

What is your career background? 

I have been in the restructuring profession for over 20 years, with half of that time working at FRP Advisory. Since its inception, the firm has grown and expanded and it has been amazing contributing to the success the business has achieved.  

Having recently been promoted to Director, I have significant experience in a broad range of insolvency and restructuring matters. Over the years I have dealt with many challenging assignments including Aquascutum, a deaf-blind school in Margate, and three Formula One teams. 

I am ACMA and JIEB qualified and help manage the restructuring team in our London Office. 

How did you join the External Affairs and Member Services committee? 

I have been involved with the IPA for many years, formerly as a member of the Young Professionals Networking Committee. Being involved in the organisation, and the networking associated with it, I was introduced to some extremely interesting people which I’m pleased to say resulted in an invite to be part of the Finance and Risk Committee.  

What is the value to you of being on this committee? 

Seeing the financial aspect of how the industry works gives an insight into the many challenges that the profession is subject to on a regular basis. The mitigation of risk by both the IPA and the industry at large is an ongoing issue and helps inform my work and how I conduct myself when providing advice. 

If you weren’t an Insolvency Practitioner, what would you be doing? 

If I wasn’t an Insolvency Practitioner then I would have been something fundamentally different, probably an Astronomer. The universe is amazing, and we are only a very small part of it.