Five minutes with… Anna Dickinson, Senior Regulation Officer at the IPA

How long have you worked at the IPA? 

I have worked at the IPA for 13 years. I am part time now that I have two young children. 

What does your role entail? 

I am Senior Regulation Officer working in the complaints investigation team. I investigate complaints against members and report my findings to the Regulation and Conduct Committee. As well as corresponding with the parties, the role usually involves analysing information and drawing the relevant points to the attention of the Committee. 

What have the highlights been for you? 

I have dealt with a great variety of interesting regulatory work in my time at the IPA, including many complex and challenging complaints. It is always rewarding to see these reach a conclusion and to feel that I have played a part in the regulatory process for the benefit of the public. Also, as an IPA member myself, I think it is important that our Insolvency Practitioners can take pride in being part of a professional body with the highest standards. 

Other personal highlights, and challenges, have included speaking at events and helping with technical training for colleagues.