AML 2021/22 Annual Report and 2022/23 Sector Risk Assessment

With the mounting incidence of fraud in the financial sector, such as Covid financial support fraud, as well as the increase and impact of financial sanctions, there are new AML threats for members to bring into focus in the course of your work. The IPA has recently published its 2021/22 AML Annual Report, which is essential reading for members, containing current AML information and guidance as well as insights on our supervisory activity. Access the report here.

The report also contains a link to the IPA’s 2022/23 Sectoral Risk Assessment. This along with the CCAB guidance with the CCAB Insolvency Appendix, and other relevant publications that highlight the risks of operating in any specific sector in which insolvency appointments are taken, should be used to assist in reviewing and updating your firm’s Regulation 18 risk assessment.