Business continuity and support

We appreciate the difficulty that firms are facing at the moment, whether economically or through other difficulties brought on by Covid. However, Insolvency Practitioners remain responsible for meeting their regulatory responsibilities.

We therefore remind members of the requirement to keep the IPA informed of all staff who are unable to work, whether by reason of furloughing or serious Covid-19 illness, by number and job title. This would also apply if there are any significant changes within your practice of if you seek Government support for your business.

We also know that Insolvency Practitioners will be trying to do their best in very difficult circumstances and offer our support while the Covid response restrictions are in force. There will be much scrutiny on how business behaves during this period, and we therefore remind you of the updated Ethics Code. Please do ensure that all calls on Government support are made both within both the spirit and letter of the law. If in doubt, please do get in touch.

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