IPA Virtual Roadshows Series

This year’s autumn roadshow series will be taking place online, and we’re really excited about the possibilities that this provides us with. We’ve developed a number of a creative and innovative approaches to deliver the information you need to support you in your role as an Insolvency Practitioner.

Alongside information and discussion on the New Corporate Insolvency and Governance 2020 Act, and the areas within the Act to be particularly aware of, such as monitor, expect interactive sessions with an IPA Inspector to help you prepare for a positive monitoring experience, as well as the opportunity to network with your peers.

IPA President Kevin Hellard will be chairing a series of live panel discussions on  your experiences through the Covid-19 response situation and what this means for insolvency in the autumn – more to be announced!

Book your place today! Attendance at each roadshow is available at a specially discounted price of £100 and can be used for 4 CPD hours.

Virtual Roadshow One (Northern Ireland)

14.00-17.00, Thursday 10th September 2020

Focusing primarily on issues affecting Northern Irish practice, and featuring presentations on the New Ethics Code by Alison Curry of Insolvency Support Services and a panel discussion, as well as key briefing sessions, networking opportunities, and an interactive Inspector’s session looking at issues and vulnerabilities affecting Insolvency Practitioners in Northern Ireland. Book now!

Virtual Roadshow Two (Scotland)

14.00-17.00, Monday 21st September 2020

Focusing primarily on issues affecting Scottish practice. Featuring an insightful multi-speaker briefing, discussion and Q&A on Covid-19, as well as key briefings on the New Corporate Insolvency and Governance Act, and an interactive Inspector’s session looking at regulatory pitfalls and a deep dive into the Vulnerable IP Policy and mental health issues. Book now!

Virtual Roadshow Three (UK-Wide)

10.00-14.00, Thursday 15th October 2020

Featuring a key briefing by Dr John Tribe (Liverpool University) on Big Bankruptcies, and a panel discussion on the implications of Covid-19 and the Corporate Insolvency and Governance Act. There’s also an interactive Inspector’s session focusing on personal insolvency, with more to be announced. Book now!

Virtual Roadshow Four (UK-Wide)

14.00-17.30, Thursday 5th November 2020

Insights on Fraud, AML and your responsibilities, as well as an interactive Inspector’s session focusing on corporate vulnerability guidance and more. Panel discussions, networking opportunities and more to be announced! Book now!

Your panel discussion chairperson – Kevin Hellard

Kevin Hellard has been a Board member of the IPA for nearly 7 years and became IPA President in April 2020. He is the Practice Leader of the Insolvency and Asset Recovery practice at Grant Thornton. Kevin has enjoyed nearly 30 years of working within insolvency, with the last 20 focusing on contentious insolvency. Aside from leading the UK and offshore practice, he specialises in investigatory cases which can involve asset tracing often across multiple jurisdictions, including the principal offshore territories, the Middle East, Far East, South America and eastern Europe. Accordingly, in more usual times he travels extensively and has experienced insolvency regimes in many different parts of the world. 

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IPA members experiencing financial difficulties may qualify for additional discounts, please contact us if this applies and to ensure you are still able to benefit from continued professional development.