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Ordinary Member

Application for Ordinary Membership

An applicant for Ordinary Membership should:

  • Have passed the Joint Insolvency Examination (JIE) set by the Joint Insolvency Examination Board (JIEB) and in the last three years have more than 600 hours’ higher insolvency administration experience; or
  • Have passed the IPA Certificate of Proficiency in Insolvency examination (CPI) or Certificate of Proficiency in Personal Insolvency (CPPI) set by the IPA and in the last three years have more than 1800 hours’ insolvency experience, of which more than 1200 hours is higher experience; or
  • In the last five years, have more than 3000 hours’ experience in insolvency administration, of which 1200 hours is higher experience; or
  • Hold a current licence to act as an Insolvency Practitioner (IP) from another recognised professional body (RPB) or the Secretary of State; or
  • Be an official receiver or equivalent grade in HM Government’s Insolvency Service.


  • If you also intend to apply for an IPA licence to act as an IP, you can apply in parallel using this form.
  • The JIE or CPI or CPPI should have been passed in the ten years before the application. If you passed the examination more than ten years ago, you may be asked to re-sit the examination unless you can show that in the intervening period you have been working in an insolvency practice – and in which event, you may be able to apply for membership based on that experience.
  • Insolvency administration is defined in the Articles as the performance, administration and discharge of those functions, powers, activities and duties which are attached to or are incidental to any office, appointment or position held by an IP or any other similar office or position or appointment as a professional adviser concerning the realisation, recovery, reorganisation, reconstruction, settlement or distribution of the assets, liabilities or affairs of any individual, corporation or other person or body of persons.
  • Higher experience in insolvency administration is defined as engagement in work related to the administration of estates in respect of which an IP has been appointed where the work involves the management or supervision of the conduct of cases on behalf of an IP or Advisory Work.

Substantially full time experience is defined in the Guidance as an average of 800 hours a year.

Your Experience and Qualifications

Your insolvency experience should be confirmed by an IP (or IPs) – he/she (or they) may be one (or both) of your sponsors; or you should attach a copy of your current IP licence or appointment as an official receiver or equivalent grade.

Your Sponsors

Your application should be supported by two sponsors:

  • an IP (whether or not a member of or authorised by the IPA); and
  • another IP or a member of a professional body or a person of standing who are each able to vouch for your good character and suitability to become an Ordinary Member of the IPA.

Your sponsors should provide a letter addressed to the President of the IPA (not “to whom it may concern”) setting out:

  • his/her full name, address, telephone and fax numbers and e-mail;
  • his/her job title/position and any qualifications, honours, decorations;
  • the capacity in which he/she has known you, and for how long;
  • his/her view of your character and suitability to be an Ordinary Member of the IPA; and
  • your experience where your application is based in part or whole on your insolvency experience (this should be confirmed by an IP).

Your Suitability

The IPA will take into account the matters set out at Part 5 and may make such further and other enquiries of third parties as it considers appropriate as to your character and suitability to be an Ordinary Member.

Ordinary Membership Fee 2020

Should your membership not be accepted by the Association, we will refund the fee in full.

New Members: Entrance Fee £160
Ordinary Membership (employed by a Firm Member) £285
Ordinary Membership (employed by a Non-Firm Member) £345
TOTAL (Member Firm) £445
TOTAL (Non Member Firm) £505