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Notice to all Money Laundering Reporting Officers supervised by the IPA

We would like to give all Money Laundering Reporting Officers (MLROs) whom the IPA supervises advance notice of a questionnaire that will be issued to you.

The simple check-box questionnaire will cover your firm’s Anti-Money Laundering (AML) activity in respect of cases, policies and procedures. We need to request this information in light of the changing money laundering and insolvency landscape, including the rise of online and Covid-related fraud, and the need to meet current and future demands. The additional information that we will gain from this questionnaire is essential for meeting these requirements. It will also inform future IPA AML training and guidance.

The questionnaire will be hosted on the Google forms platform for ease of completion, and we anticipate that it will be straightforward to complete and not a lengthy task. It is expected to be issued on Wednesday 19 May, and there will be a timeframe of 21 days to respond.

We thank MLROs in advance for your attention to this matter.