Production and Disclosure Orders: Guidance from the Metropolitan Police

The Metropolitan Police has provided guidance to accountants and IPs on Production & Disclosure Orders. These are Orders which require a named person/firm to produce or disclose information or documentation specified in the Order to the Police by a date specified in the Order.

Whilst the vast majority of such Orders are sought against banks, these can be requested against IPs, accountants and solicitors, and you must comply with an Order, as failure to do so is contempt of court.

The Metropolitan Police has advised that in most cases, there will be initial contact for a pre-order enquiry so that the police can check what information and documentation you hold (this may include your own working papers, billing records etc. and includes paper and digital records) and how quickly this can be produced so that the Order obtained ensures that you have the time and ability to comply.

The guidance is the advice from the Metropolitan Police, and if you do receive a pre-Order enquiry, or an Order itself, you should discuss this with your legal advisors.

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