Paul Smith, CEO

Hello all.

The IPA has recently submitted its response to the Future of Insolvency Regulation consultation, drawing on some excellent research from our team, insight from members and input from the IPA team, Board and Committees. We have also had the benefit of findings from an independent review of the Impact Analysis. The review was undertaken by Oxford Economics on the initiative of the IPA.  

My thanks to every member who took part in our consultation survey and/or attended one of the four consultation meetings we held. We have accessed a huge amount of professional expertise through this process, enabling us to deliver what I strongly believe is both a robust response and a well considered set of recommendations for the future good of the profession. We look forward to the next stage, and a continuing constructive debate on how regulation of insolvency is best served for all interested parties

Access a copy of our response within this issue.

On to other important matters, articles to note this month include a reminder on Russian sanctions and connected requirements in insolvency work; an update on AML Suspicious Activity Reporting; a note on successor IPs and the upcoming Board elections. As you may know, the AGM is also approaching (with the Annual Conference taking place directly after), and I look forward to seeing as many of you there as possible.

Best wishes,