AML case studies

A new AML case study dealing with Bounce Back Loans has been published within the AML section of the IPA website (case study number 12). Members are reminded that, as part of renewals, the IPA will be asking for copies of your firm’s Regulation 18 Risk Assessment. As part of your firm’s assessment, you should consider information on risk areas and matters highlighted by your AML Supervisory Authority. As well as the case studies, the AML page has sections on General Guidance, Understanding AML Risk, Reporting Suspicious Activity, Resources for Members, Examples and Case Studies, and the IPA as a Supervisory Authority.

New information is regularly posted to the AML pages and information will be provided in newsletters, but it is important that you and your MLROs keep up to date with information provided by your AML Supervisor to ensure that your risk assessment and AML work remains effective.