Michelle Thorp, CEO

Hello everyone. I am saddened that this will be my penultimate article as CEO of the IPA!

Following our announcement, you will likely be aware that, after approaching three years in post and having thoroughly enjoyed my time here, I have taken the opportunity to join the Metropolitan Police as Transformation Director.

Whilst at the IPA, I have met and worked with fantastic people, learned a great deal and have enjoyed implementing various new processes across our regulatory work, operations and services to members. When I took on the role, little did I know of what 2020 would have in store!

The interim CEO, when appointed, will take the reins of an IPA that the Board and I think is well equipped for future challenges. I wish them and the permanent new CEO the very best when they begin leading this fantastic organisation, assisted in no small part by Kevin, Samantha, Paul, Carrie and the other Board members, and our brilliant Committee members and Secretariat – thank you very much to all for your support while I have been in the role. I look forward to keeping in touch.

I was pleased to see that June’s sittings of the CPI, CPPI and CPCI exams, the second iteration of IPA exams held online, proceeded smoothly for candidates. If you are reading this feeling very happy that your exam is all over, very well done in your work preparing for the exam and best of luck on results day. If you are successful, I hope you will consider joining the Association as an Ordinary member and get the coveted MIPA letters after your name! That is in addition to a host of other benefits to complement and enhance your career. Registrations for November’s exams will be announced shortly.

As well as the profession having taken centre stage in today’s word of business and personal finance, the spotlight is also trained on fraud and Anti-Money Laundering (AML). We recently notified members of upcoming developments in the IPA’s AML supervision, and the Money Laundering Reporting Officer of your firm, if supervised by the IPA, will soon be sending their response to our AML questionnaire, if not already – I thank the many people who responded so promptly. This is a vital part of our work and will much improve future working relationships with us.

We have more AML notifications in this issue that I strongly recommend that you note. These include updated glossary codes, new case studies to help members and a key report from the National Crime Agency (NCA).

Also read on for a useful article on pre-packs, courtesy of Stuart Hopewell, Director of the Pre-Pack Pool; HMRC updates; Manolete Partners’ regular, and excellent, case law update; a lovely piece on the IPA and others’ 60th anniversaries, and more.

All the best in your work as we navigate hopefully the late stages of the pandemic.