UK sanctions members of Russian cybercrime gang responsible for attacks on hospitals and critical infrastructure

On 7 September, the UK Government, in a coordinated effort with the US, sanctioned 11 individuals connected to the Russian cyber criminal gang responsible for the Trickbot/Conti ransomware attacks that targeted hospitals and other critical infrastructure during the Covid-19 Pandemic. The individuals are subject to an Asset Freeze and Travel Ban.

The sanctioned individuals are:

  1. Mikhail Chernov (Unique ID: CYB0030)
  2. Maksim Galochkin (Unique ID: CYB0031)
  3. Maksim Khaliullin (Unique ID: CYB0032)
  4. Artem Kurov (Unique ID: CYB0033)
  5. Alexander Mozhaev (Unique ID: CYB0034)
  6. Dmitry Putilin (Unique ID: CYB0035)
  7. Maksim Rudenskiy (Unique ID: CYB0036)
  8. Mikhail Tsarev (Unique ID: CYB0037)
  9. Sergey Loguntsov (Unique ID: CYB0038)
  10. Vadym Valiakhmetov (Unique ID: CYB0039)
  11. Andrey Zhuykov (Unique ID: CYB0040)

Click here to access the UK Sanctions List.